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Searching the Depths (2023)

Choosing Us (2023)

Never to Return (2022)

Looking Back (2017)

An Open Sky (2018)

4 Minute Guided Meditation on Gratitude Featuring Music from, An Open Sky (2018)

5-Minute Guided Meditation on Self-Love and Self-Compassion - Featuring Music from,    An Open Sky (2018)

Moments of Clarity (2023)

Into the Mist (2022)

Innocence Lost (2021)

Autumn Light (2018)

Spanish Sunrise (2017)

5 Minute Guided Relaxation

Featuring Music from, An Open Sky (2018)

6-Minute Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Connecting with Loved Ones - Featuring Music from, Tranquil Guitar (2016)

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