Ryan Judd is a Billboard Chart Topping recording artist and is an internationally known music therapist. Ryan's recordings have been streamed more than 130 million times during the past 5 years. His unique background as a music therapist and an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist allows him to bring music and well-being into harmony with each other.


One of Ryan’s first experiences of the transformative power of music came when he was a young music therapy student going to see his grandmother for the last time. As he walked down the hall with his mom and brother by his side, everything felt cold, melancholy and sterile. The smell of disinfectant was in the air. Ryan entered his grandmother’s dark room and took out his guitar. The music he played broke through the isolation, sadness and fear. After the last notes faded, and tears welled in her eyes, she whispered, “That was good for my heart.” 


In addition to being inspired by healing experiences such as this and his work as a music therapist, Ryan is deeply influenced by guitarist Michael Hedges. When Ryan first saw Michael Hedges play, he was overwhelmed by emotion and knew that he had discovered something that would forever change the course of his life. Ryan has spent decades dedicating himself to mastering fingerstyle guitar and creating his own unique style as a performer and a composer.